Does Silence make you a powerful Communicator?

Rebeka Ratry
5 min readJan 9, 2023

When words make noise, silence can talk — I have noticed this so closely.

Once your mind perceives someone’s silence, doesn’t mean there’s no message.

Silence is very tough to keep and very powerful to have. It makes you confident as you know there aren’t any interruptions in your thoughts.

‘’I love my silence as it helps me gather strength to deal with people’’ — Amit Abraham.

Artist Leonardo da Vinci said, “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

More individuals are learning the advantages and power of quiet in today’s noisy and hectic environment.

Philosophers and psychologists alike concur that silence has the capacity to awaken us and provide us with life-improving solutions.

What is Silence?

Silence — is the language of the absence of speech. It is the most powerful scream.

Additionally, it is a specific kind of narrative gap. Relative silence has an impact on a place’s mood. For instance, comparatively, a spa is quieter than a mall due to the aesthetics of the environment.

It allows one to notice things others overlook. It can be golden and sometimes it can speak volumes. It urges people who spend some time to themselves, to ponder, and rehabilitate their capacity to perceive and hear what they could be missing. It aids with our mindful living. It may gently nudge us to let us know if anything doesn’t seem right by placing us in touch with our bodies and our emotions.

Benefits of Silence -

  • encourage mindfulness
  • stimulate brain cells
  • promote self-awareness
  • aid to process information
  • boost creativity
  • aid in concentration

Even when it brings us discomfort — can lead to a more meaningful existence. Increases in self-awareness, self-compassion, and decision-making abilities can all be attributed to silence. In addition, to enhancing happiness and lowering anxiety and sadness, it can also support the maintenance of good lifestyle practices including diet and exercise.



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