“Mentally Sick”- this coming out sound tear me down every time

Rebeka Ratry
4 min readJan 24, 2022
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Today I’m writing on this topic for the reason that I have gone through this sound numerous times in my life and I want to get rid of every pain I have put inside me.

“Mental illness is so much more complicated than any pill that any mortal could invent”- Elizabeth Wurtzel.

We could see a broken bone but can’t see mental illness. It’s not a curse, it’s just a state of mind. If a person is having any ailment in their body’s, it must show any symptoms. But a person with mental health issue has no visible symptoms, they just have a head with full of darkness.

They have no fractures nor sprains just a longing for something which is unable to bring out.

This is so strange paradox that now a society can speak aloud about any topics which once were unspeakable, but it still stands vastly silent when it’s about mental sickness.

What is Mental sickness?

Mental sickness is a health difficulty that significantly work on how a person

  • feels
  • believes
  • behaves and
  • binds with other people.

This condition involve changes in emotion, thinking, behaviour or a summation of these.

Mental sickness has an alternative name — “Mental health disorders”. Disorders that affect the mood, thinking and actions.

It’s a set of symptoms which form a complication.

How it works in a sufferer’s life?

Mental disorders leaves a vast legacy not just for the person who’s suffering but for those whom are around to them.

Mental pain is less noticeable than physical pain but it’s more usual and also more heavy to endure.

According to the research, in 2021, 13.84% of the world’s population got affected by any mental health disorder. Most affected sufferer’s are youth, age 12–17.

Don’t utter — “Mentally sick person”, instead, say — “ Person living with mental health difficulty”. Before calling or taunting a person by saying you’re mentally sick, think thrice because that person can easily smile in front of you as the same being broken…

Rebeka Ratry

Converse over Mental Health, Social Cognition & Psychology