Why Compliments are so precious?

Rebeka Ratry
5 min readSep 30, 2021

“Compliment”- when we spell this word we don’t need to emphasise, but this word’s definition definitely has emphasised in our life.

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A compliment is verbal sunshine.

Some human are like radiators, when they speak they form a person feel warm with their simple compliments. The power of this undoubtedly is remarkable.

It’s something like a kiss through veil.

One praise can form a person’s whole day, on the other hand a cookie-cutter word can hamper a person’s whole week.

There’s a maxim- “Always forget to complain, and never forget to appreciate and compliment”.

What does compliment mean?

Compliment means — a word of praise for someone. It’s a very active and satiate word.

In my research I have found lots of meaning of this word. Those are — expression of admiration; commendations; give someone something as a mark of courtesy; an act or circumstance that implies praise or respect politely, congratulate or praise someone for something.

For me it defines as- a word that comes in a sweetest way to form a person perceive so especial.

A compliment is a lofty dose of positivity which assists to make human feel good.

Are Compliments motivative?

Yes, compliments are motivative. We don’t know the people on all sides us are enduring or facing what troubles. Maybe worse or good. But getting a good comment, they can feel motivated by being extolled. That can make them perceive positive and start to rehash more good things.

“If you see something beautiful, speak it”- Ruthie Lindsey.

I’m writing this article because I know how compliments matter. Being a writer, when my readers pass me good compliments, that make my entire day. For instance, if they only speak -“Thanks for sharing”, that’s more than sufficient for fetching smile in my face. Even when I got to know a complain or oversight found in my article, I took it as an advisable compliment. I do appreciate that and gather more knowledge to write an article skill fully. A complain is a negative side of compliment. Take negative comment as a future right direction



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